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Podcasts 44 - 54
Radical Songs, Jazz in New York CIty, Family, Fortune Telling,
Knitting, Burlesque, Thieves and Rogues
44 - Radical Songs from the 60's
Spanish Civil War Songs, Union Songs and a Country and Western version of the International.
45 - My Parents Visit Me in New York City
t's a long trip from the corn and tobacco fields of Chatham, Ontario, Canada to the Lower East Side of New York City. We attempt to bridge the culture gap with mixed success.
46 - All That Jazz
Jazz in New York City in the 60's
47 - Tara, the cat, and Knitting
I have a cat-sized hole in my life that knitting, in part, helps to fill.
48 - My Aunt Gertie
My Aunt Gertie was a stickler for perfection.
She had standards and let you know it.
49 - Fortune Telling  
My adventures learning to tell fortunes. Beware what you say it may come true, as in the self-fulfilling prophecy.
(More on Les Deux Megots
50 - Knitting   
Adventures in yarn. Knit I must and I find it is a very sociable pursuit.
51 - Danny Marks Interview
I have guested for several years on Danny Marks BLUZ FM on
Here's an interview with Danny which included 3 song tracks.
52 - Diabetes
On learning I had Diabetes 2 and that Diabetes seeks out the weaker parts of your body and produces symptoms there.
53 - Burlesque
I had never been to Burlesque and I wanted to see what it was like. We went downtown to this hall that was like an old movie palace. There was even a pit orchestra, absolutely essential for emphasizing bumps and grinds and for the drumrolls etc need by the comedians for their punchlines.

Keywords: Burlesque, skirt dance, vaudeville
54 - Thieves & Rogues
Thieves and rogues I have know including the story of the saddest small thief