Sonia Brock at age 5,,seated and reading a book

I was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada in 1937. I have lived a varied life from southern Ontario to northern Alberta bush country and from Detroit to New York City's Lower East Side. These podcasts are stories from my life.    More..


I edited the code of an existing XML feed to create my own but there were bits I didn't completely understand, so I bought FeedForAll which made life easier.

To record and for editing I use Audacity  and Adobe Audition


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Podcasts 66 - 78
Soul Beliefs, Wiccan Picnic, ATCs, The Power of the Voice,
Familiar Sayings, Linking, On Depression, Sugar Blues, African Violets,
An Incomplete Scam

Podcasts 55 - 65
Winter, On Aging, On gambling, Les Deux Megots in NYC, Stuff,
Angel Dust, Harassment, My Virtual Life, Crossing the Line

Podcasts 44 - 54
Radical Songs, Jazz in New York City, Family, Fortune Telling,
Knitting, Burlesque, Thieves and Rogues

Podcasts 33-43
Choirs, Blues, Audience, Guild Wars. Vampires, Kropotkin,
Adopting a Radio Program, Sewing, Selling Online,
Fads and Food from the 50s

Podcasts 22-32
A Smelly Ghost, Radical Days, More Ghosts, More New York City,
World Radio, Christmas Memories, War Gaming and River Road
Podcasts 11 - 21
Jazz, African Violets, Martial Arts, CB Radio, Port Dover in the 1920s, Relations,
Reunion of Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson,
Working for the Government

Podcasts 1 - 10
Magick, Cloth Dolls, My Prison Pen Pal, Computers,
Atikameg(1956), New York City, Chatham

My mother's side of the Brock family
My Mother's side of the Family

My daughter is a professional stained glass artist.
This is her site