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Magick, Cloth Dolls, My Prison Pen Pal, Computers,
Atikameg, New York City, Chatham
1 - Chatham, Ontario
Greasers, 50's Straight Kids, Blacks and the Detroit AM Sound, plus Gospel Music vs Opera
2 - New York City - Dobro Guitar
How I learned to play guitar using a high-action dobro guitar
3 - I Will Always Be A Member of the Bloody Pirates Club
My father always wanted a boy. This was common knowledge in the family. I was the first born and the first disappointment. As soon as I was old enough to understand the problem I determined to remedy the matter by becoming a very thorough tomboy.  
4 - Introduction
I was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. My father was British and, my mother, an American.
We often teased her about being a Yankee and she rose to the bait indignantly every tim
5 - Atikameg
I went to live on a Cree Indian Reservation 200 miles north of Edmonton, Alberta.
6 - My Early Days with Computers
How early adoption of computer technology changed my life, for the better, I should add
7 - My Prison Pen Pal
On death row in Raiford, Florida I spotted a man called Tod, an artist who read science fiction
8 - How I Got Into Podcasting
I got an Player and had to put something in it. I already listened a lot to Internet radio shows, especially talk shows. Technical Notes  plus   
9 - Cloth Dolls
When I was smaller my mother used to read me the Raggedy Ann stories and the most fascinating part for me was, when the people were away, the dolls would stop pretending to be not alive and 'come to life' .
9a - Diabetes
On learning that I had Diabetes
10 - Magick
Magick happens to you. When you focus you embody the center of your focus, which changes your world view and that ends up changing your world.