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Podcasts 55 - 65
Winter, On Aging, On gambling, Les Deux Megots in NYC, Stuff,
Angel Dust, Harassment, My Virtual Life, Crossing the Line
#55 - A Winter's Tale MP3
Stories from my life involving winter and ice storms and cold.
#56 - On Aging MP3
On achieving the age of 70 I do a reality check.
#57 - On Gambling MP3
Where I learn about the evils of gambling at an early age.
#58 - Les Deux Megots MP3
A very special place in a very special time. A New York city Lower East Side coffeehouse in the 1960's. I was there.
Here's a Link to more on Les Deux Megots
.#59 - Stuff MP3
A lifetime of collecting has left me with too much stuff.
#60 - The Chitlin Circuit MP3
The Urban Entertainment Circuit aka the Chitlin Circuit played in theaters catering to primarily black audiences across the United States.
I include some memories from a night at the Apollo Theatre in New York City.
#61 - Angel Dust MP3
A short, anecdotal podcast about a love triangle involving a psychiatrist, his wife, their pet ape and the poison, Thallium.
#62 - Harassment MP3
A tangled tale of sexual harassment, management fumbling the ball and an attempted deed of daring do.
#63 - My Virtual Life MP3
This Podcast is about my virtual life. I live online, in a sense, and many of my friends are people I have met online, either through the earlier Bulletin Board Systems or in various Forums, here there and everywhere.
#64 - Crossing the Line MP3
A moral decision led to my facing a screaming mob of Strikers.
#65 - Seashells MP3
About Seashells, Weaving, Painting, Pottery and most of all about Hobby fever.