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Podcasts 33 - 43
Choirs, blues, Audience, Guild Wars. Vampires, Kropotkin,
Adopting a Radio Program, Sewing, Selling Online,
Fasds and Food from the 50s
#33 - A Choir Is Not A Democracy MP3
When you join a church you get instant community, a village. I joined both a local Anglican church and their choir where I, a female, got to sing with the baritones because I had a low voice and couldn't sing parts.
#34  Precious Memories MP3
How to Get Your Granny or your Senior Citizen Mum to Podcast Her Memories
#35 - Nothin' But The Blues MP3
The Blues have been background music for my life. Kept me going when times were tough. This podcast is a short tribute to the Blues
#36 - Audience MP3
Music at its best is defined by a special synergy between audience and performer.This is a look back at some special audiences I have known.
#37 - Guild Wars MP3
My online addiction to a massive multiplayer war game. An entertaining look at a new way of socializing and a game complexity that rivals chess to some degree.
#38 - Vampires MP3
Vampires I have known in film, fiction and fact. An overview on dimensions of need.
#39- Mutual Aid MP3
People and books which changed my life -Ghandi, George Washington Carver and Peter Kropotkin.
#40 - Turn Your Radio On MP3
How I adopted a radio program - Danny Marks' Bluz Fm on 91.1 on Toronto's FM dial 8:00 pm to Midnight on Saturdays
#41 - Stitches MP3
Extreme panic as sewing machine malfunctions. On sewing and purses and the need to do so. Sewing from patterns and from my own designs is puzzle solving for me. Each completed project is a puzzle unraveled so to speak. I enjoy this.
#42 - Selling Online MP3
For a year I was an active seller on eBay &, for books, on abebooks. Here's a tale of how I fared and how it isn't easy.
#43 - Fads and Foods from the 50s MP3
Winkles, Smelt, Finnan Haddie, Wrestling, and living better through Chemistry